Implant Dentist Near Me In Burke, VA

Dental implants are synthetic structures that a dental specialist inserts into a patient’s jawbone. An individual might need a dental implant if they are missing one or more teeth. At our practice, we offer excellent and compassionate dental services. Our implant dentists will recommend durable and strong dental implants to replace your missing teeth and enhance your smile.

Who is an Implant Dentist?

An implant dentist is a specialist who carries out dental procedures unique to gum disease and dental implants. Here are some benefits of being treated by an implant dentist

  • The procedure offers implants that act like natural teeth
  • The implants can last for a very long time
  • The procedure helps to prevent bone loss
  • The procedure helps to keep nearby teeth stable

Procedure for Implant Dentistry

Our experienced team starts the procedure with osseointegration. If osseointegration does not take place, the implant will not succeed. Our specialist drills a tiny hole where there are no tooth jaw sites to steer the titanium implant equipment in place. Our team of experts uses surgical guides designed based on the CT scans when placing the patient’s implants. After our trusted team drills an initial pilot hole into the proper jaw site, we steadily widen it to allow us to place the implant screw.

Once the implant screw is in place, we fix the surrounding gum tissue over the implant and our trusted team places a protective cover screw on top to allow the area to heal and osseointegration to take place. After healing for six months, our specialist will unseal the implant and fix an abutment. In some cases, our dedicated team might fix the abutment during the initial procedure.

After the abutment is in position, our specialist will create a temporary or final crown. In some situations, our trusted team creates the final crown can on the same day that we place the abutment. The procedure is finished when the temporary crown is replaced with a final crown.

Contact us today at our practice to schedule an appointment. Our specialists will be happy to meet with you and determine whether the dental implant procedure is right for you.