How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In Burke, VA?

Dental implants can be successful in over 95% of cases, but they may not be a viable option for everyone. To begin with, good dental health and general wellness are needed to ensure proper recovery after surgery. Secondly, dental implants cost more than fixed bridges or removable partial dentures-so it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each option before committing.

Factors affecting the cost of dental implants 

The cost of dental implants varies considerably depending on different factors. For example, replacing a front tooth usually involves more work because of the limited space available when compared to back teeth. In addition, the abutment used in front teeth is often more costly than standard abutments used in mouth placement for back teeth.

The initial consultation may include some exams as well diagnostic imaging (panoramic X-ray). You need to keep in mind that each implant consists of three elements: an implant, abutment and crown; all made from different materials through various processes and placed at separate appointments.

Implants also require specialist care that is typically more expensive than general dental care. Dental implants lie in the category of implantology under restoration dentistry. They can only be placed by an oral surgeon, periodontist, or dentist with relevant advanced training and experience. 

Lastly, you may require additional procedures to prepare your gums and bone tissue for the implant surgery and increase your chances of a successful procedure. Some patients require periodontal treatment or bone grafts, which add to the overall cost of treatment.

What are the Costs of Dental Implants Near Me?

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